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How Curam Can Make Your Care Budget Go Further


Annika Eade

July 14, 2020

How Curam Can Make Your Care Budget Go Further

Nothing changes until it’s broken. And the care system is kaput. Broken. In pieces. 

Too much doom and gloom? Sadly, it reflects the frustrations of those currently seeking a carer. Until now, service users have had to grab a pen, fill out forms, telephone and wait for a carer to arrive. It’s a mystery who is coming, you hope they’re what you need. Then you hand over your care budget at roughly £20 an hour. 

Did you know the carer who arrives is often paid only a fraction of what you pay for their services? No wonder so many are leaving the industry. They are woefully under-valued.  

“I didn’t realise my agency was taking 50% of my care budget. I know they have costs to cover, but it honestly didn’t occur to me that my carer - who was fantastic and really understood our family’s needs - was only getting £8.75 an hour. I’m devastated he quit, but now I understand” - Clare, Gloucester. 


How can we help?

We hear you - It’s a frustrating situation for everyone and we don't believe it is an efficient or safe way to deliver care. Not in the 21st Century, when so many more people are seeking ways to continue living life independently, at home. 

Therefore, we designed Curam to make it far easier to connect self-employed carers with clients online. It’s safe, efficient and best of all, it allows clients to pay less for a carer who earns more. That’s the reason we’re the UK’s largest source of carers.

So, how does Curam help your care budget stretch further?


A radical new model of care

Curam’s carers earn on average £14 per hour after our fees and VAT, almost double the national rate.  You can see how that’s more motivating to an experienced carer - they feel valued for their work.  Also, our fees are the lowest in the sector at 12.5% + VAT. Our fee not only covers the costs of marketing for carers, but also includes carer insurance, DBS checks and a secure online payment system. That way everyone feels safe and secure.

However, not only does Curam help carers to receive a better rate for their work, we also make it easier for your care budget to stretch further. You browse our site, shortlist and select a carer of your choice and pay them a negotiated rate. On average, £16 an hour. 

It’s a radical new approach and it’s our technology which lets us pass the benefits on to clients and carers. The savings you make with Curam can be kept as savings, or you can use the difference to purchase additional hours of care. You have choice and control over your care plan and budget. 


Needs Assessments Care Budget

If you have had a needs assessment recently, your local council will decide what financial contributions you will receive towards your care and support. 

Did you know some Local Authorities use Curam already? They spend the money in your personal budget directly with us, arranging for your care and support based on your agreed care plan. You still have a say in whether this care plan is appropriate and what you want. 

The reason they choose us? Curam carers can deliver quality care quickly, safely and within budget constraints, whilst still getting a better rate for the care they deliver.

Direct Payments Care Budget 

If you receive direct payments for your care provision, you are able to choose the care provider you wish. This gives you greater flexibility to arrange your care and decide how it’s provided. 


Using your Care Budget directly with Curam

As you can see, the main benefit of Curam is your care budget will go further! If your are paying for your own care, we could help you get more out of your savings. There are also other ways you can get help with self-funding care in the UK. On top of this, with Curam you can: 

- Search, interview, shortlist and choose a carer who is right for you

- Have consistent, familiar care with a carer you have chosen 

- Enjoy the company of someone who speaks the same language as you (many Curam carers have a second language)

- Benefit from the expertise of a carer who understands your care needs

- Choose exactly when and how you want care delivered - live in, hourly, overnight - it’s up to you.


Managing your Care Budget

As Curam uses a secure online payment system, is it simple to provide evidence for how your personal care budget is being spent. 

“What I like about Curam is I know my carer is taking home almost double what they used to earn. It’s nice to know it’s not costing me a penny more but they get a big boost.” - Clare, Gloucester.

Curam works differently because we believe that great value care comes from valuing great carers. Be a part of our better care community and sign up today.

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