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Why Choose Curam?

  • What do carers think about using Curam?

    Aside from the fact that carers earn on average 25% more when working with Curam (after tax and our fees), our numerous, positive Trustpilot reviews, given by carers who use our platform, really highlight the benefits of working with Curam, these include the following:

    · Feeling happy and proud

    · Being self-employed

    · Curam’s carer support services

    · The CuramCarer app and website

    · Easy admin and invoices

    Read our ‘What do our Carers Think about Curam?’ blog to find out more.

  • Why should I choose Curam?


    With Curam, you get to choose who you care for, when you work and where you work. We advertise your profile for you so that you can choose from different clients and different jobs. This choice ensures that you have full control over your career, lifestyle and helps you achieve work-life balance.

    Better work-life balance:

    As a Curam carer, you will have the chance to organise work around your hobbies, other career interests and family commitments. This flexibility also allows you necessary time off to relax or socialise.

    Earn more:

    With Curam, carers earn 25% more on average than with traditional care agencies. There are no sign-up fees and our transparent fee of 12.5% + VAT is the lowest in the sector.

    Service agreements and invoices:

    Our app makes admin easy. All you have to do is input your client’s details, care recipient’s name, address, care services. You must create a service agreement and invoice before starting with a client.

    Our App:

    The Curam Carer app not only makes admin easy, it also makes finding care work quicker and simpler. With a few scrolls and taps you can find clients, respond to the ones that are interested in your profile and organise when and where a client would like you to provide care.


    Our carer support team are here to help if you need support when working via the Curam platform. We also have lots of useful blogs where you can find out more about being a self-employed carer.

  • How is Curam different to a traditional care agency?

    Curam is an online platform for self-employed carers. We have harnessed technology to give you, as a carer, choice and control over who you care for and the hours you work.

    Care agencies typically send in different carers on a daily basis. With Curam, you have complete control and the opportunity for consistent clients of your choice.

  • Can I choose who I care for?

    Yes, you choose whether you want to apply for a job or whether you want to accept a client’s care request. Even if you are unable to assist, please always respond to a client

  • Can I choose what hours I work?

    Yes, you are the captain of your own ship! You choose which hours you want to work.

  • Do I need experience?

    You need to be over the age of 21 and have a minimum of 2 year's experience working as a carer in the UK to become a Curam carer. 

  • What if I am looking for work as a personal assistant?

    You can find work as a personal assistant as well as a carer with Curam, make sure you add this skill and any relevant experience to your profile.

  • Can I carry on working for my existing employer as well as being on your site?

    Yes, you can work via the Curam platform whilst keeping the job you already have. Just make sure that you still register as self-employed as this is how you will be working with Curam.

  • Do I need a driving license/car?

    You do not necessarily need a car or driving licence to work as a Curam carer. However, you may wish to use a vehicle to get to jobs in more rural areas.

Signing-up with Curam

  • I am having problems uploading documents

    If you encounter any problems when trying to upload documents, you can contact our carer support team at

  • My qualifications are not showing on my profile

    In order for a qualification to show, you must have uploaded a clear and legible photo of your qualification certificate on your profile (see I am having problems uploading documents if you are having issues).

  • How do I write a carer bio?

    Our How to Write a Standout Carer Profile blog will help you to write the best carer bio possible.

  • How many referees do I need?

    You will need two references, both of which must be based in the UK. The best people to be your referees will be people you have provided care services for before.

    We do not accept friends or family members as references.

  • Can I sign up with Curam if I have a T4/student visa?

    No, if you have a T4 or a student visa you cannot sign up as a self-employed carer, which is a requirement to be on the platform.

  • Which areas of the UK do you cover?

    We operate throughout the whole of the UK.

  • Why should I upload a video to my profile?

    You can now upload an introductory video, up to 1 minute long, to your profile via the Curam Carer app. Carers are 3 times more likely to secure work if they have a video uploaded to their profile.

    How do I create a profile video?

    Your script: Before you start filming your video, make sure you’ve prepared what you’re going to say in advance. Here’s a reminder of some prompts:

    1) How long have you been a carer?

    2) Do you specialise in a particular type of care?

    3) Why do you love working as a carer?

    4) What are your hobbies?

    Please avoid including any personal information or any details that could change - like specifics about your availability, for example.

    Please note we cannot approve videos that contain personal details like your surname.

    Also, your video must be no longer than 1 minute.

    Click here for more information on how to upload your video.

  • How do I register with Curam?

    Click here to sign up to be a Curam carer.

    You can become an approved Curam carer after you complete these 3 simple steps:

    Step 1: Download the Curam Carer app and create an account

    Step 2: Complete your profile.

    Step 3: Book your online approval meeting with one of our friendly recruitment team!

  • What do I need to be on the platform?

    To be a Curam carer, you will need:

    • An enhanced DBS/PVG/Access NI (dated within the last 3 years or on the Update Service)

    • Proof you have the right to work in the UK

    • Two references (both of which must be based in the UK). We prefer these to be care-related where possible.

  • What happens during my online approval meeting?

    Every carer on the platform will attend an online approval meeting with one of our friendly recruitment team before joining Curam. They will check your DBS/PVG, your right to work in the UK and any qualifications mentioned on your profile (which will have to be backed up with certificates that you upload and we approve).

  • What kind of photo do I need for my profile?

    The photo you upload to your profile should be a clear, well-lit headshot. Clients are more likely to click on your profile if you are smiling and look approachable.

    It should also be a recent, good quality photo of you. We therefore recommend that you update your picture on at least a yearly basis. If you change hair style, for example, you may want to change your photo to one containing your new look. Clients are more likely to read your profile if they see you have a new picture.

    Your profile photo should:

    • Make you look friendly and smiley

    • Have good lighting

    • Be in focus

    • Have a clear, uncluttered background

Curam Carer App

  • Should I download the Curam Carer app?

    Yes - you have to download the Curam Carer app to be approved as a self-employed carer on our platform.

    When you download the Curam Carer app and when your profile is live on the platform you will have full access to all of the features that Curam has to offer.

    You can apply for jobs via the jobs board and clients are able to message you.

    Please make sure that you update the app regularly – we are planning some new, exciting features and will be adding them in the future.

How to use the platform

  • How do I upload documents and certificates to my account?

    During the carer sign-up process, you will be prompted to choose relevant files. Follow the instructions and choose the documents you want to upload.

    The simplest way to get your documents and certificates onto your account is to take a clear and legible photo of them with your phone and upload these photos directly to your profile via the app.

  • Can I upload documents later on?

    You can save your application and come back to it.

    After registering, you can amend your profile at any time, but any changes will have to be verified by the Curam carer support team (other than minor ones, such as information about your hobbies/languages).

  • How does the jobs board work?

    All you have to do is log in to the app, go to the ‘find jobs’ section, select the type of work you are looking for at the top of the page. If you find a job that matches what you’re looking for you can click ‘apply for job’.

    If you want to know more about how the jobs board filters work, please watch this short video.

  • There are no jobs in my area

    Around 80% of clients actually decide to search and message carers directly instead of posting on the jobs board, so even if you cannot see any jobs near you, there still may be clients looking at your profile.

    Make sure you make your profile as good as it can be. Some of the ways you can improve your profile are:

    • Update your profile photo to a clear, smiling headshot

    • Make sure you have uploaded photo evidence of all your qualification certificates

    • Keep the experience section of your bio up to date, including the skills you have learnt in your recent care jobs

    • If you have the opportunity to carry out extra carer training, do it! Clients often look for well-qualified carers


Working as a carer

  • Why should I retrain as a carer?

    Being a carer is a rewarding, challenging role that will allow you to make a real difference to people’s lives and to the home care sector, which is in desperate need of more carers. You can read more about why carers love finding work with Curam in our Trustpilot blog.

    Being a self-employed carer with Curam offers you complete flexibility and you earn more when using the platform than with a traditional care agency. You choose when, where and who you work for so that your job complements your lifestyle and other commitments.

  • Is there a minimum shift length?

    Yes, the minimum shift length is one hour. We believe that short 15- or 30-minute visits do not give you enough time to properly care for a client. Our minimum shift length ensures a better standard of care and a more meaningful relationship between the carer and client.

  • What tasks can I expect to carry out as a Curam carer?

    Tasks can vary from job to job. Here are some of the tasks that you may be asked to carry out:

    • Personal care, including: preparing, serving and feeding food or drink, bathing, dressing, moving and handling

    • Prompting clients to take prescribed medicines

    • Administering first aid

    • General domestic duties including: shopping, basic maintenance and gardening tasks

    • Accompanying clients on any social, domestic or recreational trips outside of their home


  • How much will I get paid?

    You, as a self-employed carer on the Curam platform, set your own rates.

    However, we insist that care workers do not earn less than the National Living Wage, which means that your advertised rate must be a minimum of £14.06 per hour.

    To give you a rough guide - the average rate charged on the platform is £19.74 an hour for hourly visits, £120 for overnight shifts and £1127 a week for live-in weekly.

  • What are Curam's fees?

    Curam charges a fee of 12.5%+VAT on all shift invoices created on the platform. So, if you set a rate of £18.50 per hour, you will receive £15.72 per hour.

    This is one of the lowest fees in the sector. It covers advertising of your profile, marketing to thousands of clients across the UK, self-employed carer insurance, our secure payment system and support from our friendly team.

  • Why are Curam’s fees lower than a traditional care agency’s fees?

    Traditional care agencies often take up to 50% of their carers’ wages in fees. Since we are a platform for self-employed carers, we have far fewer overheads and are able to pass that saving on to you as Curam carers. As a Curam carer, you will earn on average 25% more than with an agency.

  • How do I get paid?

    Clients pay your invoices via their Curam account.

    Payments are processed by Mangopay – the secure payment processor we use. You will have to set up your own Mangopay account before you start contracting via the platform.

    To be paid on time you need to create your shift invoices in good time and ask the client to approve them before the shift begins.

    Payment is released to the carer three working days after the shift ends, if the client pays by card. If the client pays by non-recurring Direct Debit this could take a further 5-7 working days. If the client is in receipt of Local Authority funding payments may be in arrears, please discuss with the client prior to assisting.

  • How do I set up a Mangopay account?

    We use Mangopay to process carer payments. Here’s how to set up your Mangopay account:

    1. From the Curam Carer App, please click the Menu button and click on your profile picture

    1. Scroll down slightly and click “Add details for payments”

    1. Ensure all the details are correct on the Personal Information page, click next

    1. You are then required to upload a copy of your photographic ID (passport or driving licence). Please click the grey upload document box and either take a photo or upload the file from your phone

    1. If your passport is from outside the UK, you will also need to upload proof of address in the UK. (Once uploaded click next)

    1. Please enter your bank account details (note - these are not visible to us)

    1. Click complete and save

    1. You will receive an email to advise whether your account has been set up correctly

    Note: The name on your photographic ID must match the name on your Curam account. Also, please ensure your photo is clear and legible – it needs to be perfect or will not be accepted by Mangopay.

    If you encounter any issues, please contact us at

  • Can I get paid in cash?

    No, you cannot accept payment in cash. Once you have created your service agreement and invoice, the client is able to pay you via the Curam platform.

    Off-platform and cash payments are not accepted and are liable to a placement fee of £2,200+VAT, that the client will have to pay. In addition, both you and the client will subsequently be removed from the Curam platform. Please see our terms and conditions for more information, specifically point 9.3.

    If you have any concerns about payments, you can contact the carer support team via email –

  • Can a client hire me directly (offsite) after meeting on the Curam platform?

    Off-platform and cash payments are not accepted. If your client would like to employ you directly and transact offsite, they will be liable to pay a recruitment fee of £2,200 + VAT. In addition, both you and the client will subsequently be removed from the Curam platform.

    Please see our terms and conditions for more information, specifically point 9.3.

  • When do I get paid?

    If the client pays by card, your payment should be released to you three working days after your shift ends.  If the client pays via non-recurring Direct Debit this could take a further 5-7 days.  If the client is in receipt of Local Authority funding payments may be in arrears – please ensure you discuss with the client before agreeing to assist.

  • How do I arrange a refund?

    Should a refund be required to the client due to you being unable to do the shift or the client cancelling, please contact us as soon as possible. To contact us please open the relevant invoice and click the “contact support” button, please submit your query.

Service agreements and invoices

  • What is a service agreement for?

    As a Curam carer, you will create a service agreement to outline the care you and your client have agreed on.

    You should create a service agreement before commencing with a client.

    You must adhere to what you have agreed on in the service agreement.

  • How do I create a service agreement for a client?

    You can create a service agreement on the Curam app. The template is ready for you to use, you simply have to fill in the details and send it over to a client who will check that they agree with the terms.

  • How do I invoice clients?

    Your initial invoice should be created immediately after you have created your service agreement. You can create an invoice on the Curam app. The template is already made and you just have to enter your rates and details. You can then send this invoice over to the client via the app.

    We recommend that invoices are created on a weekly basis. Failure to do so will mean you are not insured.


  • What does the carer's insurance you offer include?

    Curam carers are insured with Surewise Limited.

    The cover includes (with no excess, nor hidden fees):

    Public Liability

    Up to £1,000,000 covering claims against you if you have accidently damaged someone or their property.

    Legal Expenses

    If you ever need to go to court Surewise can provide up to £100,000 to help with the cost.

    Personal Accident

    In the event you suffer an accident at work they provide up to £7,500 to cover the cost.

    Personal Possessions

    If a personal possession is damaged or lost while working they can provide £250 to cover the cost.

    Client Possessions

    If a client's personal possession is damaged or lost while at work Surewise can provide £250 to cover the cost.

    24/7 Legal & Tax Helpline

    Provided by ARAG Support - 0330 303 1449

    No Excess

    There is no contribution required to make a successful claim.

    Please contact one of our team at: for more information or for the complete terms.

  • How much does Curam’s carer insurance cost?

    We provide you with self-employed carer’s insurance once you start transacting with a client.

    The insurance is activated by a creating the invoice you send them. Our insurance provider is Surewise. Please note you must have a relevant and up to date training certificate for carrying out any medical tasks for the insurance to be valid.

  • How do I make an insurance claim?

    Your policy is insured by SAGIC Limited and administered by Sure Wise Limited. If you need to register a claim, please:

    Call: 01268 200020 or Email:

    Please have your policy number ready or simply quote Curam

Travel expenses

  • Does my client have to pay for my travel expenses?

    Your clients do not have to pay for your travel expenses, however, you may choose to ask clients if they would be willing to pay for your travel and negotiate this topic directly with them.

    Normal practice is that travel expenses are paid separately by the client.

Tax returns

  • If I am self-employed, do I have to do my tax returns?

    Tax returns are an essential part of being self-employed and it is important that Curam carers remember to complete the process.

    We cannot complete your tax returns for you, it is your own responsibility.

    If you do not complete your tax returns, or you submit them after the deadline you may have to pay interest or a penalty.

  • How do I do my tax returns?

    You can file your tax returns online or use a paper form. Paper forms must be completed earlier than online tax returns so that HMRC can calculate your bill in time for you to pay any money owed.

    You can check when you have to complete your tax returns by on the government website. In 2020 you must complete online tax returns by midnight on 31st January.

  • Who can do my tax returns for me?

    If you do not want to complete your tax returns yourself, you can get an accountant, or a trusted friend or relative to do it on your behalf.

  • What business records should I keep?

    To be fully prepared for tax returns, you should keep business records that include information about your income and business expenses.

    You should also keep proof of any expenses you deduct from your taxable incomes, such as receipts, bank statements and invoices.

    If you have other employment, including on a PAYE basis, you should also keep records related to this, as well as your self-employed work for your tax returns.

  • Where can I find Curam’s fee invoices?

    We email you an invoice for our fee when we release your payment. This is just a copy for your records. Should you require these, please contact

  • What expenses can I take off my taxable income?

    Here are just some of the allowable expenses you may deduct from your taxable profit:

    • Clothing expenses, including PPE and uniform

    • Training courses that are relevant to the work you do

    • Insurance, advertising and work-related subscriptions, including Curam’s service fees (the money deducted from the rate you charge for care that pays for Curam’s service)

    • Claim capital allowances, such as equipment you buy for your care work

    • Phone expenses, stationary expenses and ‘work from home’ office and utilities expenses

    • Travel costs to get to and from work and around during work, such as the cost of using your car or public transport

    It’s important that your expenses are all permissible according to HMRC. If you want to check if an expense is allowed to be taken off of your taxable profit, you can call the HMRC self-assessment helpline or talk to an accountant.

  • Can you give me an example of an allowable expense?

    Here's an example of an allowable expense: A client wants to go out for a coffee when you are caring for them (and the client does not choose to pay foryour coffee), you may deduct the cost of the coffee from your taxable profit that year.

Holidays/sick days

  • What happens if I get sick or want to go on holiday?

    Curam encourages you to be part of a micro-team that can cover for you when you are sick or on holiday, if your client chooses this option. Members of your micro-team must be Curam carers.

    If you are ill and cannot cover a shift, make sure you inform your client as soon as possible and advise them of members of your micro-team.

    You should give as much notice as possible to a client if you are planning a holiday and you should try to introduce your micro-team to your clients ahead of your holidays.

    However, the choice of who covers your shift is always that of the client and they can choose a different carer to the one you suggest or include in your micro-team.


Carer Training

  • Will my training achievements be shown on my Curam profile?

    We are working on adding your training achievements to your Curam profile, so watch this space and make sure to update your Curam Carer App frequently.

  • What does CPD mean?

    CPD stands for continuing professional development and it’s a term used to describe the training the professionals complete to enhance and grow their skills. Building up your CPD points gives you demonstrable evidence of the amount of time you have spent developing new skills.

  • Why is Curam offering free training to carers?

    We know how important it is for any professional to sharpen their skills and build their knowledge-base. This is why we offer free online training to all approved Curam carers across a range of relevant subjects to help them enhance their expertise and to care with confidence.

  • What courses are available?

    Curam are currently offering a selection of completely free courses via our training provider Access.

    For a full list of the current courses just log into your Access Learning app.

  • How do I access the courses?

    The online training courses are currently available to all approved Curam carers.

    If you haven’t yet registered as a Curam carer you’ll need to do this to be able to access the training courses. To start this process please download the Curam Carer App. Once our carer team has approved your profile, you’ll then be emailed an invite to set up your free training account, and you can then access the training.

    If you’re already an approved Curam carer, then you should have already been emailed an invite to set up your free training account, so do check your inbox and spam folders. If you can’t locate your invite then please contact us and we can send you another one.

    The courses are all online and can be viewed from a smart phone, tablet or a computer.

  • Do I have to complete each course in one go?

    No, you choose the pace at which you complete each course. So if you want to stop at any point and then go back to your training, you can pick-up exactly where you left off.

  • Do I get a certificate at the end of each course?

    Yes. For each course completed, you’ll be able to download and print your certificate. Your training account will hold all your certificates and you can upload these to your Curam profile.

Code of Conduct/Practice